Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Aviation world and the flying metal insect

Hello. How have everyone been doing while I'm out?Hope you all have been doing great.

After my college graduation, I have been enrolled to another course I never expected to get admitted with (but, for once, I had thought of it as something I would love to learn and have interest to). I started taking classes for Aviation Maintenance last June and I have become a "trusted" student since then (hehehe..btaw, wa'y hinambog ug wa'y hinubog). I do supervisions on classes' laboratories and practical exams. It was great --- I have been exempted from exams and classes.

In spite these, I feel ashamed of the trust that my instructors have given because I am not that confident of doing the job --- I haven't reached a year of schooling yet. Another thing is, sometimes, I pity my classmates because it seems like I am the one who always has the chance to practice and prove what I have learned with the teachings. But, even though it may seem a little bit "not fair", I am still thankful for the opportunity and I swear not to spoil this chance.

I have come to explore the world of flying --- the world of aviation. It's good to explore the parts of the flying metal insect (wink) and it's challenging to fix its parts' troubles. It does make me nervous at times because one unfixed link in the aircraft could mean lives lost.

Well, I just want to say I am happy with this course now, with THIS LIFE now.

PS: Gahapon rah q ni-skul sukad December 7. Wala rah gihapon q g-drop..hehe..sorry Sir..
SALAMAT sa pagsalig..aw?

au2 mo,

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